A major concern for most Arizonians, statewide, is healthcare and how to improve it. Americans know that Obamacare has been a major failure and has done nothing to lower the cost of health care. It did quite the opposite, causing a rise in monthly costs and producing high-deductible plans. The only thing Obamacare was good for was giving more power to the government, by controlling how you are cared for as a patient. Government has no place in deciding which doctors we choose or what type of care is right for us. A free-market is what we need. Pulling back government regulations on doctors and insurance companies will begin the process to improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system. In return it will bring healthy competition through innovation.


As a representative for CD3, I will work hard to cut government regulations and move healthcare to a free-market system. Repealing Obamacare must happen first! Then open the market up to allow insurance companies the ability to provide their products across state lines. We need to allow private insurance companies the ability to compete with Medicare, or to allow the insured to opt out of Medicare without losing their social security benefits. Once again, it is an American’s right to choose their own healthcare and not to be controlled by government healthcare mandates.


I will be working towards Tort Reform. Hospitals and physicians are forced to carry malpractice insurance, which the cost of that is passed onto the patient. Medical malpractice does occur and those doctors should answer for that, but due to the amount of false and senseless malpractice lawsuits, the consumer/patient bear the burden of those cost. It is estimated that these lawsuits cost the United States approximately $46 billion annually. 


Finally, I want to push for Price Transparency. In everything we purchase, we know the price ahead of time. Imagine paying for food or clothes and not knowing the final price until after you wear it or consume it? We wouldn’t purchase normal everyday items like this, why should we be forced to do so with healthcare? (Why can’t we know upfront how much all procedures would cost for an ER visit, for a regular checkup, or a specialty doctor?) I will fight for the necessary legislation in Congress to pass such transparency.