Arizona’s Congressional District 3 makes up approximately 90 percent of the US/Mexico border. American's in these areas are faced with many challenges that illegal immigration brings due to an insufficient border wall. For years, career politicians have failed to defend our nation’s security or uphold the rights of the American people.


As a result of the failures and neglect of career politicians, the states and border communities have suffered financially due to the enormous burden on the tax paying citizens to support the illegal population. Billions of dollars every year are lost to illegal immigration, and this number only grows with every illegal crossing.


Illegal immigration is not the only problem with open borders. A deeper and more sinister problem exists, Human and Drug Trafficking. Nearly 50 percent of America’s human and drug trafficking problem comes through the Arizona border, you should ask yourself, “Why have career politicians allowed this to continue?” I might add "What's in it for them?"

Open Borders are a National Security Threat. Whether these threats come from unauthorized migrants with ties to terrorist organizations or from transnational criminals such as MS-13 and Mexican cartels, an open border is a major threat to the American citizens. Therefore, I support the following:

  • The continued building of the border wall and increased funding for more border patrol agents, upgraded equipment, and funding for local law enforcement agencies along the border.

  • Reform of our asylum laws, noting any illegal immigrant who comes into our country other than at a port of entry will be immediately returned to their country of origin. No trial or waiting period.

  • Creating more judges to speed up the asylum hearings. Over 800,000 cases in backlog

  • End the lottery system and chain migration.

  • Enforcement of E-Verify laws. Companies and corporations who are willfully hiring illegal aliens need to be held accountable. 

  • Reform of the Visa programs H-2A and H-2B.

  • The immediate return of incarcerated illegals who have committed criminal offenses to their country of origin. We should not have to pay for non-citizens in our penitentiary systems.